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Author Name Title Department Discussion date
ABBRACCIAVENTO, LEONARDO Reictus. Un caso di chiusura transcatetere di un PFO Percutaneous interventional treatment of structural heart diseases 17/09/2018
ABIDI, SYED HAIDER JAWAD Design and Modelling of Soft Robots for Surgical Uses INGEGNERIA - Biorobotics 30/11/2018
ACCORRONI, ALICE Role of thyroid hormones and 3-iodothyronamine in dementia: potential biomarkers and novel therapeutic approaches for Alzheimer’s disease. SCIENZE MEDICHE - Translational Medicine 12/07/2018
ACERBI, GIORGIA  Integration of physiological, psychological and sociological factors to evaluate technology's acceptability and improve HRI, through neuro bio-inspired models for robots. INGEGNERIA - Biorobotics 28/02/2019
AGOSTINI, EDOARDO Efficienza energetica: la diffusione degli Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) per favorire gli interventi di riqualificazione energetica. Caso applicativo in Environment Park S.p.A.: il progetto “STEPPING”. Gestione e Controllo dell'Ambiente: economia circolare e management efficiente delle risorse 18/12/2018
AGRIMI, JACOPO Nutraceutical Approach to Prevent Work Stress-induced Brain-Heart Axis Dysfunction linked to Cardiovascular Disease Risk: A Translational Study SCIENZE MEDICHE - Translational Medicine 29/06/2018
AGUINALDO, MARK EMIL CANDELARIA Climate change risk assessment among business enterprises: perspectives and prospects SCIENZE ECONOMICHE E MANAGERIALI - Management 30/05/2019
ALBERTI, STEFANO Responsabilita precontrattuale e contratto valido SCIENZE GIURIDICHE - Individual Person and Legal Protections 21/11/2017
ALBERTINI, ALICE Carabid and staphylinid beetles as natural enemies of Bactrocera oleae: a conservation biological control perspective SCIENZE AGRARIE E BIOTECNOLOGIE - Agrobiodiversity 20/09/2017
ALEOTTI, EMANUELE Analisi e ottimizzazione di alcune attività in un'azienda di raccolta di rifiuti speciali Gestione e Controllo dell'Ambiente: economia circolare e management efficiente delle risorse 19/12/2017
ALIPERTI, GIUSEPPE Consumers' engagement as opportunity for crisis and disaster risk management: A tourism oriented analysis SCIENZE ECONOMICHE E MANAGERIALI - Management 29/11/2017
ANGELUCCI, DAVIDE Everything changes, it all stays the same. Young people, social class, and Politics in Europe SCIENZE POLITICHE - Joint PhD in Political Science, European Politics and International Relations 19/09/2019
ANNESI, NORA Networking and dialogue amongst stakeholders as opportunity for business and territorial governance. Results from three applied research SCIENZE ECONOMICHE E MANAGERIALI - Management 06/12/2018
ANSARI, YASMIN TAUQEER "Development of learning-based control frameworks to enable high-precision positioning/tracking in continuum/soft robotic manipulators" INGEGNERIA - Biorobotics (Marie Curie ITN fellows) 30/06/2018
ANTONICELLI, NICOLA LEONARDO La nuova procedura di VIA. La procedura di VIA prima e dopo il D.Lgs. 104/2017: il caso studio della Cementeria di Colleferro in Roma. Gestione e Controllo dell'Ambiente: economia circolare e management efficiente delle risorse 19/12/2017
APRIGLIANO, FEDERICA Biorobotic solutions to reduce the risk of falling in balance-impaired subjects INGEGNERIA - Biorobotics 17/05/2017
ARTESE, GIOVANNA Fattoria di Corsignano nella sua policromia Vini italiani e mercati mondiali 16/02/2018
ASSIS DE SOUZA MELO, SUZANNE Interferometric Radar System including a Photonics-based Architecture for Remote Sensing Applications INGEGNERIA - Ph.D. Programme in Emerging Digital Technologies (EDT) 23/03/2018
AVVEDUTO, GIOVANNI Facing the challenges of fully immersive virtual and augmented reality for simulation and training INGEGNERIA - Ph.D. Programme in Emerging Digital Technologies (EDT) 14/07/2017