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Author Name Title Department Discussion date
TAGLIALATELA, JONATHAN The impact of innovation on SMEs financial dynamics and performance. SCIENZE ECONOMICHE E MANAGERIALI - Management 29/11/2017
TALINI, REBECCA FIORELLA Novel allelic variation for wheat improvement: quality, agronomic, and adaptation traits from wild relatives and landraces SCIENZE AGRARIE E BIOTECNOLOGIE - Agrobiosciences 20/05/2019
TAMADON, IZADYAR Mechatronic solutions for intra-body therapeutic procedures INGEGNERIA - Biorobotics 15/05/2019
TAMMA, ANNA Innovazione nei servizi offerti per soluzioni complete: il caso Leroy Merlin Master in Management, Innovazione e Ingegneria dei Servizi 08/02/2019
TANCA, CAMILLA AGNESE Virtual Humans: A framework for the embodiment in Avatars and social perception of others in Virtual Agents in Immersive Virtual Environments INGEGNERIA - Ph.D. Programme in Emerging Digital Technologies (EDT) 24/06/2019
TARANTINO, SERGIO The myokinetic approach for hand prosthetic control INGEGNERIA - Biorobotics 30/06/2018
TEFERI, ERMIAS TESFAYE The Economics of Wheat Diversity and the Role of Indigenous Knowledge for the Conservation of Ethiopian Wheat Diversity: the Case of Meket District, Eastern Amhara Region SCIENZE AGRARIE E BIOTECNOLOGIE - Agrobiodiversity 28/05/2018
TERRA, VANESSA Progetto pilota di Economia Circolare: ottimizzazione del processo di distruzione di profumi e cosmetici Gestione e Controllo dell'Ambiente: economia circolare e management efficiente delle risorse 19/12/2017
TINTI, ALESSANDRO Contested geographies of Kurdistan. Oil and Kurdish self-determination in Iraq SCIENZE POLITICHE - Joint PhD in Political Science, European Politics and International Relations 15/10/2019
TODARO, NICCOLO MARIA What drives corporate environmental proactivity? An institutional, organizational and micro-foundational perspective on environmental strategies and operations. SCIENZE ECONOMICHE E MANAGERIALI - Management 11/12/2018
TORRISI, IRENE Studio morfo-funzionale non invasivo delle vene renali: dall’ecografia-ecocolordoppler alla RM ECG-triggered nella diagnosi di Nutcracker Sindrome. ECOGRAFIA CLINICA ED APPLICAZIONI IN NEFROLOGIA 14/12/2017
TRAN, VI DO Development and validation of innovative assessment metrics and biomechanical model for upper limb robot-assisted rehabilitation INGEGNERIA - Biorobotics 30/11/2018
TRAVERSARI, SILVIA Response mechanisms of secondary meristem to abiotic stresses: drought effect on water and carbon relations in poplar SCIENZE AGRARIE E BIOTECNOLOGIE - Agrobiosciences 23/11/2018
TRIGILI, EMILIO Development of control strategies for robotic rehabilitation and assistance in daily-life scenarios INGEGNERIA - Biorobotics 31/05/2019
TUCCINI, ROBERTO La filiera del cartone poliaccoppiato in Toscana. Selezione e riciclaggio. Gestione e Controllo dell'Ambiente: economia circolare e management efficiente delle risorse 19/12/2017
TZVETKOVA, GERGANA Human Rights in Foreign Policy – an Analysis of Counter-Piracy Discourse and Policies of the European Union and the United States of America" SCIENZE POLITICHE - Politics, Human Rights and Sustainability 20/07/2017