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Tesi etd-03072017-000437

Type of thesis
Bio-inspired Control for Human-Robot Interaction of Artificial Hands and for Disassembly Tasks of Anthropomorphic Dual-Arm Robots
Scientific disciplinary sector
INGEGNERIA - Biorobotics
relatore Prof. DARIO, PAOLO
  • bio-inspired control
  • dual-arm manipulation
  • fluent grasping
  • fluent handover
  • hand prosthesis
  • robot hand
Exam session start date
Contents<br><br>1. Introduction: Artificial Perception, Manipulation and Grasping 1<br>1.1 Artificial Hands for Human-Like Grasping 5<br>1.1.1 Robotic Hands 7<br>1.1.2 Prosthetic Hands 10<br>1.2 Anthropomorphic Dual-Arm Robot for Human-Like Manipulation 13<br>1.3 Sensory System 15<br>1.4 Structure of the Thesis 24<br>2. Bio-inspired Controls for Human-Robot Interaction and Disassembly Tasks 26<br>2.1 The Focus of Our Research: Two Cases Study 27<br>2.2 Control algorithms for Artificial Hands 28<br>2.3 Control Algorithms for Fluent Handover of Objects 35<br>2.4 Control Algorithms for Prosthesis for Coordinated Bimanual Manipulation Operations 37<br>2.5 Dual-Arm Control Algorithms for Coordinated Bimanual Manipulation Using Visual Servoing and Touch Sensors 39<br>2.6 Discussion 43<br>2.7 References 44<br>3. First Case Study: Human-Robot Single Handed Fluent Handover 45<br>3.1 Human-Robot Interaction: from the Cognitive Human-Human Collaboration to the Cognitive Fluent Human-Robot Collaboration 47<br>3.1.1 The Need for Fluent and Smooth Interaction 48<br>3.1.2 Sharing Complex Disassembly Tasks 58<br>3.1.3 References 60<br>3.2 Fluent Object Release 66<br>3.2.1 State of the Art 66<br>3.2.2 Implemented Solution I: Feedforward Controller 67<br>3.2.3 Implemented Solution II: Feedforward and Feedback Controller 80<br>3.2.4 References 89<br>3.3 Fluent Object Grasps 90<br>3.3.1 State of the Art 90<br>3.3.2 Implemented Solution 92<br>3.3.3 Discussion and Conclusions 94<br>3.3.4 References 95<br>3.4 Discussion and Conclusion 96<br>3.5 References 98<br>4. Second case study: Dual-Arm Bimanual Coordinated Manipulation for Disassembly Tasks 99<br>4.1 Dual-Arm Bimanual Manipulation Using Surface Electromyography and Incremental Learning 105<br>4.1.1 The Study of Coordinated Bimanual Manipulation with Prosthetic Hands 105<br>4.2 Disassembly Study for Circular Economy 123<br>4.2.1 System Architecture: Visual Servoing Coordinated Bimanual Manipulation 128<br>4.2.2 Prototypical Final Scenario 144<br>4.2.3 First Implemented Solution: Pick-and-Place of Delicate Objects in Unstructured Environment 148<br>4.2.4 Second Implemented Solution: Motion in Unstructured Environment and Pick-and-Place of Objects 156<br>4.2.5 Third Implemented Solution: Disassembly Task Performed in Unstructured Environment 164<br>4.2.6 Discussion and Conclusions 170<br>4.2.7 References 172<br>4.3 References 175<br>5. Conclusions 176<br>6. References 179<br>7. List of Publications 189<br>8. Acknowledgments 190<br><br>