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ABIDI,SYED HAIDER JAWADDesign and Modelling of Soft Robots for Surgical Uses Perfezionamento2018Mixed
ACCORRONI,ALICERole of thyroid hormones and 3-iodothyronamine in dementia: potential biomarkers and novel therapeutic approaches for Alzheimer’s disease.Perfezionamento2018Mixed
ACERBI,GIORGIA Integration of physiological, psychological and sociological factors to evaluate technology's acceptability and improve HRI, through neuro bio-inspired models for robots. Perfezionamento2019Mixed
AGRIMI,JACOPONutraceutical Approach to Prevent Work Stress-induced Brain-Heart Axis Dysfunction linked to Cardiovascular Disease Risk: A Translational StudyPerfezionamento2018Mixed
AGUINALDO,MARK EMIL CANDELARIAClimate change risk assessment among business enterprises: perspectives and prospects Perfezionamento2019Mixed
ALBERTI,STEFANOResponsabilita precontrattuale e contratto validoPerfezionamento2017Mixed
ALIPERTI,GIUSEPPEConsumers' engagement as opportunity for crisis and disaster risk management: A tourism oriented analysisPerfezionamento2017Mixed
ANGELUCCI,DAVIDEEverything changes, it all stays the same. Young people, social class, and Politics in EuropePerfezionamento2019Mixed
ANNESI,NORANetworking and dialogue amongst stakeholders as opportunity for business and territorial governance. Results from three applied researchPerfezionamento2018Mixed
ANSARI,YASMIN TAUQEER"Development of learning-based control frameworks to enable high-precision positioning/tracking in continuum/soft robotic manipulators"Perfezionamento2018Mixed
APRIGLIANO,FEDERICABiorobotic solutions to reduce the risk of falling in balance-impaired subjectsPerfezionamento2017Mixed
BAJONA,PIETROIschemic Mitral Valve Regurgitation: The Quest for Valve Repair Prognostic Factors.Perfezionamento2019Mixed
BALDOLI,ILARIASmart sensing solutions for applications in biomedical engineeringPerfezionamento2017unrestricted
BALDONI,ANDREADesign and Development of Novel Wearable Robots Perfezionamento2019Mixed
BARBAGLI,ALESSIOAnalisi delle interazioni acqua-suolo nella fitodepurazione delle acque di drenaggio e nella ricarica delle falde Analysis of water-soil interaction in drainage water phyto-treatment and in aquifer recharge schemesPerfezionamento2017Mixed
BARSOTTI,JONATHANFree-standing, ultra-thin and ultra-conformable functional polymeric films applied to organic electronic devicesPerfezionamento2018Mixed
BENEDETTI,GIOVANNIWearable devices for health monitoring: use of an innovative adhesive thoracic patch in out-of-hospital settingsPerfezionamento2019Mixed
BOCCADIFUOCO,ALESSANDROAn integrated model towards the prediction of the pathological state of ascending thoracic aortic aneurysmsPerfezionamento2018Mixed
BOEM,ALBERTOImpact measurement for social banking: The case of Banca EticaPerfezionamento2017unrestricted
BONISOLI,ALBERTOOrganic bioelectronic platforms for electrical and chemical stimulation of biological systemsPerfezionamento2018Mixed
BRUNAZZI,ALICEExploiting the genetic diversity of Triticum urartu for the identification of genes involved in adaptation to climate changePerfezionamento2017Mixed
BRUNORI,MARGHERITAEmerging international standards on access to land and security of tenure – the role of soft law in the United Nations systemPerfezionamento2017Mixed
BUSCO,PAOLO The Defence of Illegality in International Investment Arbitration: A Hybrid Model to Address Criminal Conduct by the Investor, at the Crossroads between the Culpability Standard of Criminal Law and the Separability Doctrine of International Commercial Arbitration Perfezionamento2018Mixed
CAFAGNA,GIANLUCAAn equity lens in healthcare performance measurement: more than equity gains? Perfezionamento2018Mixed
CAFARELLI,ANDREAControlled ultrasound exposure for innovative therapeutic applicationsPerfezionamento2017Mixed
CALIO',RENATOSensing and haptic technologies for applications in medical roboticsPerfezionamento2018unrestricted
CALOVI,MARTINAHealthcare and disaster management. A geographical approach Perfezionamento2017Mixed
CASTRO,EMANUELAHuman-robot interaction: effects on learning and on cognitive skillsPerfezionamento2018Mixed
CERRI,JACOPOSocial desirability bias in green consumerism: its causes, consequences and some potential remedies.Perfezionamento2018Mixed
CITTADINI,SILVIAFeeling at Home? The inclusion of Roma in the housing sector in the light of the relationship between places and identity: a post-colonial analysis of housing rights and policies Perfezionamento2019Mixed
CLINCA,SILVIAI profili penalistici della sperimentazione clinicaPerfezionamento2018Mixed
CONTI,SARAChemogenetic and neurotechnology approaches for the recovery of motor function after paralysis following stroke and spinal cord injuryPerfezionamento2019Mixed
CONTINI,MICHELEThe strategic management of the relationship between companies and consumersPerfezionamento2018Mixed
CORUCCI,FRANCESCOEvolutionary Developmental Soft Robotics: Towards Adaptive and Intelligent Machines Following Nature's Approach to DesignPerfezionamento2017unrestricted
CORVINO,FAUSTOCosmopolitanism as the moral basis for global de-commodification of labourPerfezionamento2017Mixed
CUCCURU,PIERLUIGIThe European standardisation system: Regulation, interest representation, judicial reviewPerfezionamento2019Mixed
CUCINO,VALENTINAClinical Innovation: a knowledge transfer perspectivePerfezionamento2018Mixed
D'ELIA,NICOLOErgonomics of Wearable RobotsPerfezionamento2017Mixed
DAHER,STEPHANIEThe politics of contentious Actions and Elite Resilience: The Lebanese "You Stink" and the Tunisian "Manich Msamah" Movements. Perfezionamento2019unrestricted
DALLE CARBONARE,LAURAMolecular mechanisms behind Zn and low oxygen conditions in plantsPerfezionamento2019Mixed
DAMINOVA,NASIYA ILDAROVNAThe evolution of the ECHR impact on the CJEU jurisprudence (the example of ‘due process’ rights) Perfezionamento2018Mixed
DAVOLA,ANTONIOThe Death of the Average Consumer at the Crossroads of Law, Economics and Cognitive Sciences: a Tentative ReactionPerfezionamento2019Mixed
DE CESARI,CHIARAMolecular and functional characterization of rod precursors for regenerative therapy of the retina.Perfezionamento2019Mixed
DE MARCO,CHIARA ELEONORAThe Challenges of Implementing Open Innovation Perfezionamento2017Mixed
DE QUATTRO,CONCETTAThe role of epigenetics in leaf cell differentiation during drought stress in Brachypodium distachyonPerfezionamento2018Mixed
DEDOLA,FRANCESCAInvasive and non invasive methods for bioelectronic medicine applicationsPerfezionamento2019Mixed
DEL DOTTORE,EMANUELAStudy and Implementation of Algorithms Inspired by Movements and Control Strategies of Plant RootsPerfezionamento2017Mixed
DEL SARTO,NICOLAExploring the Business Accelerator phenomenon through Resource Based View and Open Innovation lensesPerfezionamento2018unrestricted
DELLA VALLE,CLARAAn interdisciplinary "bottom up" study of EU gender policies in Tunisia: towards an agency-based approach. Perfezionamento2019Mixed
DI LASCIO,NICOLEA machine learning system for carotid plaque vulnerability assessment based on ultrasound images Perfezionamento2018Mixed
DI VETTA,GIUSEPPEGoverno dell’impresa e regolazione penale. Appunti per una critica dei paradigmi di incriminazionePerfezionamento2019unrestricted
DIODATO,ALESSANDROHuman-Robot Interaction and Control Strategies in Minimally-Invasive SurgeryPerfezionamento2018Mixed
DODEVSKA,EMILIJAn.p.The Role of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in Strengthening the Rule of Law and Public Acknowledgment of War Crimes: The Case of Croatia and SerbiaPerfezionamento2017unrestricted
DRAMAC,TANJAEnabling Agency: What Made Them Go? Foreign Fighters from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo Perfezionamento2019unrestricted
ETENZI,ETTOREAnalysis of energy efficiency during human locomotion: models and robotics applications.Perfezionamento2017Mixed
FANCIULLACCI,CHIARABrain reorganization after stroke and cortical correlates in motor control Perfezionamento2017Mixed
FERRARI,ALESSIOMulti-target inhibitors of circadian clock and autophagy as a novel anticancer approach.Perfezionamento2018Mixed
FERRARI,LAURAUltraconformable Temporary Tattoo Electrodes for broad surface ElectrophysiologyPerfezionamento2018Mixed
FLOREZ ROJAS,MARIA LORENAGeo-blocking as clashing of frames: a user restriction or an enforcement legal tool?Perfezionamento2019Mixed
GABISONIA,KHATIAGene Therapy with miR-199a-3p for Myocardial InfarctionPerfezionamento2017Mixed
GENNA,CLARACortical models of sensory processing during tactile stimulation in humans and animalsPerfezionamento2017Mixed
GEORGE THURUTHEL,THOMASMachine learning approaches for soft robot controlPerfezionamento2019Mixed
GIACOMELLI,GIORGIOManaging professional organizations: conditions and levers to support managerial roles in public health carePerfezionamento2018Mixed
GIANFREDA,STELLAWho politicises immigration and the European Union? A multilevel analysis of the position of mainstream and populist parties in Italy, the United Kingdom and the European Parliament. Perfezionamento2019Mixed
GRESTA,FRANCESCO"Evaluation of microalgae and Ascophyllum nodosum extracts as biostimulants for abiotic stress mitigation"Perfezionamento2017Mixed
GRIGORATOS,CHRYSANTHOSCardiac remodeling in models of anthracycline-induced cardiomyopathyPerfezionamento2019Mixed
GRILLONE,AGOSTINA FRANCESCASmart nanomaterials to overcome highly invasive tumor resistance Perfezionamento2017Mixed
GUZZOLINO,ELENARole of TBX5 controlled miRNAs in Holt-Oram Syndrome: deciphering regulatory circuitries responsible for cardiac malformationsPerfezionamento2017Mixed
HAMID,ZEESHANRole of Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH) in health and disease: focus on neurodegenerative disorders and obesityPerfezionamento2019Mixed
HARRIS,ELEONORAInstitutional Arrangements, “Political” Inclusiveness, and the Protection of the Individual: Investigating the Role of Subnational Institutions as Custodians of Social Rights – A Comparative Analysis (Forma di Stato, partecipazione politica e tutela dei singoli: la ridefinizione del ruolo delle istituzioni subnazionali nella tutela dei diritti sociali in prospettiva comparata)Perfezionamento2018Mixed
IACOPINO,SERGIODevelopment of a synthetic molecular sensor for oxygen in plantsPerfezionamento2019Mixed
IACOVACCI,VERONICASmart magnetic microsystems for targeted therapy Perfezionamento2017Mixed
IMBINTO,ILARIOSynergetic Partial Hand Prostheses: Design and FittingPerfezionamento2018Mixed
KIM,JAESEOKThe mobile manipulation tasks in the domestic environment using service robotPerfezionamento2018Mixed
KIRTAY,MURATBrain-inspired algorithmic approaches to sensory representation and decision making for humanoid robots. Perfezionamento2018Mixed
KOJCEV,RISTOUltrasound Guided Diagnostic and Surgical RobotsPerfezionamento2017Mixed
KUMAH,EMMANUELImproving Healthcare Quality through Patient-Focused Strategies: A Focus on Self-Management and Care ExperiencePerfezionamento2017Mixed
LAZZERI,GIULIAThe process dimension of smart specialisation: social and political challenges to the regional decision-making in EuropePerfezionamento2017unrestricted
LEYLAVI SHOUSHTARI,ALIA Unified Hierarchical Framework for Motion Planning and Control of Anthropomorphic Robotic Manipulators: an Intended Application of Physical Human-Robot Interaction to RehabilitationPerfezionamento2017Mixed
MACELLARI,MARGHERITAUnpacking the Black Box of Sustainability: How Do Organizations Embed Sustainability into Strategies and Operations? Perfezionamento2018Mixed
MAHDAD,MARALThe Micro-dynamics of University-Industry Collaboration: The Case of Telecom Italia Joint Open LabsPerfezionamento2016Mixed
MANETTI,STEFANIAIncorporating Health Technology Assessment (HTA) into Medical Device R&D: the costs and benefits of being an early birdPerfezionamento2018Mixed
MANTI,MARIANGELAStiffness tuning in Soft Robotics.Perfezionamento2017Mixed
MANZI,ALESSANDROHuman Activity Recognition based on Depth Camera for Assistive RoboticsPerfezionamento2017Mixed
MARANGIO,ROSSELLAUnfolding cooperation processes: ideational factors in inter-organizational peacebuilding among the UN, the AU and the EU in Somalia Perfezionamento2018Mixed
MARTINI,ALICEFrom terrorism to extremism: the UN Security Council and the evolution of the discourse on terrorism.Perfezionamento2019Mixed
MASELLI,MARTINASoft and Flexible Sensors: technologies and biomedical applicationsPerfezionamento2018Mixed
MASSARI,LUCATactile sensors and displays technologies for telepresence in biorobotics applicationsPerfezionamento2019Mixed
MAURO,SARA GIOVANNAPerformance- based budgeting: Understanding practice variation through the lens of institutional theoriesPerfezionamento2016Mixed
MAZURIER,PABLO ANDRESFrom Global War to Cyber Civilian Power: the ICANN’s Inclusive Process of Networking Empowerment within the Internet Governance Ecosystem.Perfezionamento2019unrestricted
MENICHETTI,FRANCESCACorrelation between perfusion/innervation mismatch and ventricular scar-related arrhythmic substrate: impact on ablation outcome Perfezionamento2018Mixed
MICHALAKEA,PANAGIOTA TAYGETICorporations and Transitional Justice Lessons from International Law and National PracticePerfezionamento2019Mixed
MILONE,SOFIALa definizione di criminalità organizzata nella politica criminale italiana ed europea. La prospettiva del rapporto tra criminalità organizzata e confisca allargata. The definition of organized crime in the Italian and European criminal policy. The perspective of the relationship between organized crime and extended confiscationPerfezionamento2017Mixed
MINN,MARIThe Value of Pharmaceutical Patents in Cumulative Settings - Access to Novel Medicines in EuropePerfezionamento2018unrestricted
MIRIZIO,FRANCESCAUniversity inventions: an investigation into the factors affecting patentability and licensing Perfezionamento2019unrestricted
MISHRA,ANAND KUMARSoft Robotics Technologies for Exploration and Manipulation TasksPerfezionamento2018Mixed
MISTO,ALESSANDRAInteractions between mast cells-derived histamine and oleoylethanolamide control liver ketone body production. Perfezionamento2017Mixed
MOCAVINI,GIORGIOIl ‘prezzo’ del consenso. Il ruolo delle compensazioni amministrative nel governo dell’ambiente e del territorio Perfezionamento2018Mixed
MORACHIOLI,ANNAGIULIARobotic Disassembly for the Circular EconomyPerfezionamento2018unrestricted
MORAIS RIGHI,HERICA The role of the companies on promoting economic development in emerging countries: An analysis of the Brazilian casePerfezionamento2019unrestricted
MORETTI,SAMUELESalt and drought stress in olive tree (Olea europaeaL.): an integrated approach.Perfezionamento2017Mixed
MOSCHETTI,ALESSANDRAWearable sensors for gesture recognition in assisted living applicationsPerfezionamento2017Mixed
NEMEDI,MARKRelativism and the Purpose of Criminal LawPerfezionamento2019Mixed
NERI,ANDREAStudy of molecular and physiological responses on Populus alba L. ‘Villafranca’ clone stressed with Cd and Zn.Perfezionamento2018Mixed
NUCARA,LUCAStimuli-Responsive Ordered Micro- Nanostructures based on Polyelectrolyte Hydrogels for Sensing ApplicationsPerfezionamento2017Mixed
OPPI,CHIARAInvestigating the role of accounting in healthcare organizations: traditional costing and new approachesPerfezionamento2017Mixed
PAPINI,GAIARole of the exosomes on the epigenetic modulation of myocardial plasticity in a rodent model of myocardial infarctionPerfezionamento2017Mixed
PARRI,ANDREADesign, development and validation of control architectures for lower-limb wearable robots Perfezionamento2018Mixed
PARZIALE,ANDREACivil liability and Regulation in The European Market for Unauthorized Uses of MedicinesPerfezionamento2019unrestricted
PASTORMERLO,LUIGI EMILIORenal sympathetic denervation for cardioprotection after acute myocardial infarction: a preclinical study.Perfezionamento2018Mixed
PELLEGRINI,CHIARACorporate sustainability: an analysis of organisational antecedents and pro-sustainability behaviourPerfezionamento2018Mixed
PELLEGRINI,FERNANDOWheat-Persian clover temporary intercropping for wheat quality and weed management. A Participatory Learning and Action Research projectPerfezionamento2018Mixed
PERUZZI,SARAStructural insight into PNKD functionPerfezionamento2018Mixed
PIAZZA,GAIASoil carbon and microbial diversity under conservation management practicesPerfezionamento2019Mixed
PIERATTINI,ERIKA CARLAEffects of Xenobiotics on PoplarPerfezionamento2017Mixed
PIERI,ALICERegulatory non-coding RNAs: an explorative study from wild grasses to wheatPerfezionamento2019Mixed
PIGNATELLI,DANIELASynthesis and functionalization of innovative nanomaterials for biomedical applicationsPerfezionamento2018unrestricted
PINNA,LAURAAssessment of motor function in Parkinson disease: study and development of algorithms and mobile solutionsPerfezionamento2017Mixed
PIOTTO,ALESSANDRO MARIALa disciplina penale in materia di rifiuti tra legislazione italiana ed europea e l'emergenza ecomafiePerfezionamento2017unrestricted
PIRRI,SALVATOREHarnessing Big Data to track and manage medication adherence: A novel data-driven approach. Perfezionamento2018Mixed
POLACKOVA,LUCIAExploring the nexus between the right to food and food wastagePerfezionamento2018unrestricted
PRINCIPATO,ANTONIOShareholder activism e doveri di condotta degli investitori istituzionaliPerfezionamento2017Mixed
PYANKOVA,OLGA VLADIMIROVNAStudy of the effect of gravitational loading variations of human dermal capillary endothelial cells – towards understanding the exploitability of gravity force as a therapeutic treatmentPerfezionamento2018Mixed
RAGUSA,ROSETTAMolecular and epigenetic biomarkers in pediatric patients with heart failure: effect of Ventricular Assist Device implantation.Perfezionamento2018Mixed
RANALDO,MARZIAFunctional biodiversity in green manure crops: effects on nitrogen dynamics and weed suppressionPerfezionamento2017Mixed
RANAUDO,ANTONIO"Potentialities of silk fibroin coatings for improvement of biocompatibility of advanced neural interfaces"Perfezionamento2018Mixed
RATENI,GIOVANNI"Optical Analysis based on Near-InfraRed Spectroscopy for Nutrition Monitoring, Food Scanning and Industrial Applications"Perfezionamento2018Mixed
REZAEI,RAMINEthnic Minority Rights in Iran:Defining Legal Deficiencies and Their Impacts on Ethnic Minorities RightsPerfezionamento2018unrestricted
ROLANDI,SILVIAEU Business-to-Consumer Food E-commerce A Legal Analysis of the Role of Food Information in Strengthening Trust in Electronic Trade Perfezionamento2018Mixed
ROMANO,DONATOMixed societies and bio-hybrid systems as tools for biological investigation and for bioinspired design. Perfezionamento2018Mixed
RONGALA,UDAYA BHASKARNeurocomputational Modelling of Tactile Perception for the Development of Artificial Sense of Touch.Perfezionamento2017Mixed
ROVINI,ERIKAStudy and development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for Parkinson's disease based on ICT and machine learningPerfezionamento2018Mixed
RUIZ MARTINEZ ,IRUNEDynamics of agricultural intensity and the related provision of ecosystem services in Mediterranean peri-urban areasPerfezionamento2018Mixed
SALGARELLA,ALICE RITAEngineering bio/non-bio interfaces for biomedical applicationsPerfezionamento2018Mixed
SAMONI,SARAThe relationship between intra-parenchymal renal resistive index variation and renal functional reserve under physiologic and pathologic conditions Perfezionamento2019Mixed
SARACINO,ARIANNAHaptic feedback restoration in surgical teleoperated robotic platformsPerfezionamento2019Mixed
SARTI,SILVIAExploring individual behaviors to unveil their responses to modern life challengesPerfezionamento2018Mixed
SHAH,SYED TAIMOOR HASSAN“Bio-Inspired designs for multi-functionality, based on braided structures”Perfezionamento2018Mixed
SHUKLA,VINAY SIDDHPRASADRegulation of Arabidopsis root system architecture by oxygen availabilityPerfezionamento2018Mixed
SINGH,HARMEETHuman-Robot Physical Interaction Sensing based on Forced Vibration Perfezionamento2018Mixed
SMALDONE,PIERLUIGIAnalysis of managerial strategies for employee motivation in the healthcare sector.Perfezionamento2016Mixed
SORGINI,FRANCESCATactile sensorimotor feedback strategies for object categorization in telepresence sensory augmentation applicationsPerfezionamento2018Mixed
STERZI,FRANCESCACounter-Piracy between public and private solutions: legal perspectives on the emergence of contracted maritime security practices Perfezionamento2018Mixed
STRAZZULLA,ILARIABio-inspired Control for Human-Robot Interaction of Artificial Hands and for Disassembly Tasks of Anthropomorphic Dual-Arm RobotsPerfezionamento2017Mixed
TAGLIALATELA,JONATHANThe impact of innovation on SMEs financial dynamics and performance.Perfezionamento2017Mixed
TALINI,REBECCA FIORELLANovel allelic variation for wheat improvement: quality, agronomic, and adaptation traits from wild relatives and landraces Perfezionamento2019Mixed
TAMADON,IZADYARMechatronic solutions for intra-body therapeutic proceduresPerfezionamento2019Mixed
TARANTINO,SERGIOThe myokinetic approach for hand prosthetic controlPerfezionamento2018Mixed
TODARO,NICCOLO MARIAWhat drives corporate environmental proactivity? An institutional, organizational and micro-foundational perspective on environmental strategies and operations.Perfezionamento2018Mixed
TRAN,VI DODevelopment and validation of innovative assessment metrics and biomechanical model for upper limb robot-assisted rehabilitationPerfezionamento2018Mixed
TRAVERSARI,SILVIAResponse mechanisms of secondary meristem to abiotic stresses: drought effect on water and carbon relations in poplarPerfezionamento2018Mixed
TRIGILI,EMILIODevelopment of control strategies for robotic rehabilitation and assistance in daily-life scenariosPerfezionamento2019Mixed
TZVETKOVA,GERGANAHuman Rights in Foreign Policy – an Analysis of Counter-Piracy Discourse and Policies of the European Union and the United States of America"Perfezionamento2017unrestricted
VALERI,MARIA CRISTINAMetabolic control of the anaerobic response in ArabidopsisPerfezionamento2018Mixed
VALLEGGI,ALESSANDROFamily caregivers in end-of-life heart failure: exploring experiences and needs Perfezionamento2019Mixed
VANNINI,FEDERICA Identification of circulating low molecular weight endothelium-protective factorsPerfezionamento2019Mixed
VANNOZZI,LORENZONovel actuated microsystemsPerfezionamento2017Mixed
VANNUCCI,LORENZOBrain-inspired methods for adaptive and predictive control of humanoid robotsPerfezionamento2018Mixed
VARVARESSOS,ALESSANDROLe ipotesi di non punibilità nel diritto penale dell’economia: natura e funzioni fra centralità delle discipline extralegali di riferimento e suggestioni dal sistema francese.Perfezionamento2018unrestricted
VENIER,SILVIAChemical, Biological and Radio-Nuclear (CBRN) risks in Europe: States’ international obligations and the role of Human Rights Law in enhancing protection Perfezionamento2018Mixed
VERGARO,GIUSEPPEGalectin-3 and aldosterone profibrotic pathways in the failing heartPerfezionamento2017Mixed
VIRGILI,TOMMASOConstitutionalism in Muslim Countries: the Struggle between Islam and Individual Liberties, with particular reference to Egypt and TunisiaPerfezionamento2017Mixed
VOLPI,IRIDEEvaluation of alternative cropping systems for the mitigation of nitrous oxide emissions (N2O) in a Mediterranean environmentPerfezionamento2017Mixed
ZHOU,SHANSHANOrganizational Learning through Crises Perfezionamento2018Mixed
ALBERTINI,ALICECarabid and staphylinid beetles as natural enemies of Bactrocera oleae: a conservation biological control perspectiveDottorato2017Mixed
ASSIS DE SOUZA MELO,SUZANNEInterferometric Radar System including a Photonics-based Architecture for Remote Sensing ApplicationsDottorato2018Mixed
AVVEDUTO,GIOVANNIFacing the challenges of fully immersive virtual and augmented reality for simulation and trainingDottorato2017unrestricted
BALSINI,ALESSIOTowards Hard and Soft Real-time Operating Systems for Multicore Heterogeneous ArchitecturesDottorato2018Mixed
BASSANI,GIULIAWearable energy harvesting for motion tracking and health assessment Dottorato2017Mixed
BLAIX,CIANThe potential of weeds and field margins in providing ecosystem services and hosting syrphidsDottorato2018Mixed
BORTONE,ILARIASocially-Oriented Technology Framework for Rehabilitation of Children during Developmental AgesDottorato2017Mixed
BRIZZI,FILIPPOAugmented Reality for Teleoperated Human-Robots interactionDottorato2018Mixed
BUONGIORNO,DOMENICOAdvanced control strategies for natural Human-Exoskeleton interactionDottorato2017unrestricted
CALVARESI,DAVIDEReal-Time Multi-Agent Systems: challenges, model, and performance analysisDottorato2018unrestricted
CALVINO,FLAVIOEmployment dynamics and InnovationDottorato2016unrestricted
CAPPONI,GIOVANNABreakthrough Innovations and Appropriability Strategies: Three Essays Based on The Queen's Award for InnovationsDottorato2018unrestricted
CASSESE,TOMMASOLaser integration in Silicon-on-Insulator platformDottorato2018unrestricted
CHIARADIA,DOMENICODesign and validation of control techniques for stable and accurate interaction of haptic interfaces and exoskeletonsDottorato2018Mixed
CIVELLI,STELLANonlinear frequency-division multiplexing: theoretical aspects, numerical algorithms, and experimental demonstrationDottorato2019unrestricted
DABISIAS,GIACOMOSupporting humans with autonomous systems: deep learning for activity, state and environment recognitionDottorato2018unrestricted
DANIELE,LUCADesign, manufacturing and testing of dielectric elastomer generators for wave energy conversion.Dottorato2019Mixed
DI FRANCO,CARMELO Localization and Energy-aware path planning of mobile autonomous robotsDottorato2017Mixed
DOUROU,ATHANASIA-MARIAFactors affecting yield efficiency and oil quality in Olea europaea L.Dottorato2019Mixed
FICHERA,SILVIAResource Orchestration in Softwarized NetworksDottorato2019unrestricted
GABARDI,MASSIMILIANODevelopment of interfaces for haptic and thermo-haptic interaction with the human hand.Dottorato2018Mixed
GESESSE,CHERINET ALEMMolecular and phenotypic characterization of the Ethiopian nested association mapping (EtNAM) population, an advanced genetic tool to map quantitative trait loci (QTL) in durum wheatDottorato2019Mixed
GUERINI,MATTIAEssays on Macroeconomic Dynamics - A Complex System PerspectiveDottorato2016unrestricted
HAILEMARIAM,BOGALE NIGIRIdentification and characterization of sources of genetic resistance to wheat diseases in Ethiopian landraces and in the Ethiopian durum wheat NAM (EtNAM) populationDottorato2019Mixed
LADERA CARMONA,MARIA JOSEmiRNA communication between plantsDottorato2018Mixed
MAGGIANI,LUCAProgettazione di un nodo di calcolo embedded per reti di "smart cameras"Dottorato2017Mixed
MANGANELLI,COSTANZA LUCIAInvestigation and modeling of novel silicon based integrated optoelectronic deviceDottorato2017Mixed
MARIN VASQUEZ,YISBEL ELOISAPhotonic Integrated Circuits for Sensing ApplicationsDottorato2019unrestricted
MARINI,SIMONESemi-natural habitat typology affects wild bee community diversity in a sunflower-based agroecosystemDottorato2017Mixed
MARINO,FRANCESCOTowards a softwarized and secure Internet of ThingsDottorato2018unrestricted
MATINO,ISMAELModelling and simulation of industrial operations for prognostic monitoring and control, process integration and optimization.Dottorato2018Mixed
MATIZ,ALESSIOMindfulness-Oriented Meditation between Human and Digital ResearchDottorato2017Mixed
MELANI,ALESSANDRASupporting Parallelism in Multicore Real-Time Computing SystemsDottorato2017unrestricted
MOSADEGH,HAANASecondary metabolite regulation and UV-B tolerance mechanisms in Ocimum basilicum Var. Genovese Dottorato2018Mixed
ONORI,DANIELSWaP constrained photonics assisted RF receivers for Electronic Support MeasuresDottorato2017Mixed
PANNOCCHI,LUIGIHandling the design complexity of Cyber-Physical SystemsDottorato2018Mixed
PARRI,ANDREAResource Reservation and Memory Ordering in the Linux KernelDottorato2018Mixed
PERILLO,DAVIDModelling and Simulation of Embedded Systems with Formal Languages and Virtual PlatformsDottorato2017Mixed
PRASETYANINGRUM,PUTRITemporal and carbon dependent patterns in gibberellin biosynthesis and growth Dottorato2019unrestricted
PREITE,MASSIMO VALERIODesign and characterization of Silicon Photonics components for Data and Telecom applicationsDottorato2018unrestricted
RAFENOMANJATO,ANTSAWeed management using a no-till system with stylosanthes guianensis cover crop in upland rice-based cropping systems in the Mid-West of MadagascarDottorato2018Mixed
RANNELLO,MARIONext-Generation FTTH Networks: Innovative System Solutions for Low-Cost Coherent WDM PONsDottorato2018unrestricted
RIGHI,MICHELEElectroactive polymers, design and validation of new concepts in energy harvestingDottorato2019Mixed
ROSSI,ENRICOTowards the heterogeneous, real-time reconfigurable embedded systemDottorato2018unrestricted
SANTI,CATERINAEssays on Financial MarketsDottorato2019unrestricted
SANTOLERI,PIETROEssays on young firms' dynamicsDottorato2019Mixed
SARAC STROPPA,MINEDesign, Implementation and Control of an Underactuated Hand ExoskeletonDottorato2017Mixed
STACCIOLI,JACOPOEssays on the emergence of endogenous financial fluctuationsDottorato2019Mixed
STROPPA,FABIOAn adaptive assistance algorithm for robot-based neurorehabilitation therapy of the human upper limbDottorato2018Mixed
STURNIOLO,ALESSANDROOptical Wireless Communications: new opportunities and applicationsDottorato2019unrestricted
SVEZIA,BENEDETTAStudy on the effects of microRNAs extracted from Vitis vinfera L. (cv. Sangiovese) grapevine berry on the heart following myocardial infarction: A novel nutraceutical approach.Dottorato2017Mixed
TANCA,CAMILLA AGNESEVirtual Humans: A framework for the embodiment in Avatars and social perception of others in Virtual Agents in Immersive Virtual EnvironmentsDottorato2019unrestricted
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