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BELARDINI,CARLO MARIAStrength estimation of notched sheet metal in presence of hydrogenCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021Mixed
BIASIZZO,MARCOA recurrent deep neural network to simulate the early visual processing pathwaysCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022unrestricted
BISOGNO,GIAN MARIODigitalization in Management Accounting and the changing role of CFOCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022unrestricted
BOCHICCHIO,ALFREDOSmall obstacle detection for autonomous navigationCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021Mixed
BONACCORSI,PIETROThe Long Wave of the Internet Corso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020Mixed
BONI,EMANUELEMolecular circuits underlying peculiar temporal behaviors: from plants and cyanobacteria architectures to synthetic biology counterpartsCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022Mixed
BORGIOLI,FRANCESCOProgettazione di un amplificatore operazionale fully differential senza CMFBCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020Mixed
BORTOLAMAI,FRANCESCOAn alternative way of looking at the industrial districts - A modeling approachCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021unrestricted
BOUCHS,ALESSANDROForecasting Financial Volatility with High Dimensional Data: A Deep Learning ApproachCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021Mixed
BRACH,MARTINAA Gravity Model Of Internal Migration In Italy (2005-2017)Corso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021unrestricted
BRUNI,FRANCESCODesign di un convertitore A/D SAR asincrono a 7bit e 40MspsCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020Mixed
CALEMMA,CORRADOOn Higher Moments Identification for Financial VAR ModelsCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021Mixed
CECCHI,RACHELE“Nuova linfa” per la Corte Penale Internazionale. Cosa insegna la crisi con il continente africano nella prospettiva di una revisione dello Statuto di Roma.Corso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021unrestricted
CIANCETTA,ALESSANDROHeterogeneous Responses to Structural Shocks in Deep Dynamic Factor ModelsCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022Mixed
COLLODI,LORENZOFace Detection: a reviewCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022Mixed
COLOMBO,DANIELEThe Effects of Extreme Weather on Production: an Application to French, German and Italian dataCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022unrestricted
COMINO,CORRADODesign and Simulation of the magnetic circuit employed in the stray field immunity characterization of Infineon magnetic core-less current sensorsCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021Mixed
CRETONI,LORENZOIntegrazione di sensori in fibra ottica per applicazioni AutomotiveCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022Mixed
CUSMANO,ALICEWhat is the contribution of new generations to innovation in enterprises?Corso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022Mixed
DE ALTERIIS,GIUSEPPEModels of the sleep/wake alternation in artificial and neural networksCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022Mixed
DELLA MAGGIORA,LORENZOCRISPR/Cas9 – technology in poplar: example of an approach for the production of uniform knockout mutants for the metal transporter MTP1Corso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020Mixed
DRAGONI,FEDERICOReinforcement learning methods and mathematical models for applications to optimal asset allocation problemsCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021Mixed
ESPOSITO,CHRISTIANNon-invasive Blood Pressure Estimation Using Physiological Signals Acquired by the Bedside MonitorCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021unrestricted
FAGIOLI,ILARIADynamic modelling of an underactuated design for an active transfemoral prosthesisCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022Mixed
FERRAND,JACQUESConseiller l’État dans la continuité. Les deux jumeaux d’une famille alpine (Consigliare lo Stato nella continuità. I due gemelli di una famiglia alpina)Corso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021unrestricted
FERRARINI,GINEVRAAttitudes towards change: a change-actors' perspective on micro-determinants Corso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021unrestricted
FERRINI,LORENZODynamic obstacle avoidance for quadrotors using imitation learningCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021Mixed
FLORI,LEONARDONo pressure, no diamonds: index effects around MSCI Standard Index rebalancesCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021Mixed
GELSI,FEDERICOA comparative multimodal stock market prediction using ECB press conferencesCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022Mixed
GERI,NICOLÒVarieties of Deindustrialization: a core-periphery perspectiveCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022unrestricted
GIANNINI,CATERINAEngineering of Ustilago maydis: a new method to identify novel significant effectors interaction targets at the biotrophic interface Corso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020Mixed
GIRARDI,LUCAStudy of a Quadrotor Drone with Soft and Anisotropic Structural ElementsCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022Mixed
GORI NOCENTINI,MARGHERITAPer una pianificazione locale di adattamento climatico più giusta: un'analisi critica del caso italianoCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021Mixed
GRAZIOLI,SIMONASynthetic genomics: time for large-scale engineering in higher eukaryotesCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020Mixed
GRONCHI,IACOPOInnovation governance and its underpinnings: A comparative analysis of RIS3 in Toscana and Emilia RomagnaCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022Mixed
GUARASCIO,FRANCESCOLe politiche estere di Qatar ed Emirati Arabi Uniti attraverso la "Role Theory"Corso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020unrestricted
GUARINO,LUCAFixed-wing perching: prototyping and dynamic analysisCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020Mixed
HAEUSL,WALTERDifferent populist voters for different populist parties? A comparison of the social basis of right-wing populism and anti-austerity populism in Italy, Spain and FranceCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020Mixed
INGLESE,GAETANOWhich Workers Vote for the Populist Right? Analysing Class Electoral Behaviour in the 2017 and 2019 UK General Elections Corso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021unrestricted
IOHANNES,SESSEN DANIELA k-mers based approach to detect genetic variants underlying panicle architecture in Ethiopian teffCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021Mixed
IORI,FRANCESCORobot-Human Handover: generation of approach trajectories with Dynamic Movement PrimitivesCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020Mixed
LACCHEI,ALICEJudges deciding on asylum. An ethnographic research in the Civil Court of FlorenceCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020Mixed
LIVERANI,DAVIDEPrivate Equity and value creation in target firms Performance and dimension: an empirical approachCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021unrestricted
LO CONTE,GIACOMOBetween technology and policy: the effects of S3 strategies on European manufactureCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021unrestricted
MAFFII,FRANCESCOVarieties of Green Deals between the economy and the environment. A comparative analysis of the 2020-2021 fiscal stimuli in Europe Corso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021Mixed
MANCINI,RICCARDOHigh Performance implementation of Self Organizing Maps on multiprocessor and GPU architecturesCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022unrestricted
MARCELLI,DANIELEThe international responsibility of the EU for human rights violations committed in the framework of CSDP operationsCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021unrestricted
MARINI,SOFIAThe Rule of Law Debate in the European Union: MEPs’ positions on democratic backslidingCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021unrestricted
MASSACCESI,EDOARDOAn interconnected financial sector as fuel for innovation and technological imitation: an agent-based endogenous growth modelCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022Mixed
MENCONI,JACOPOProfilo genetico dei mutanti Aubergine di Solanum lycopersicumCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021Mixed
MORRA,DANIELESviluppo su ROS2 di un modulo di controllo per una racecar e tuning del relativo controllore MPCCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022unrestricted
NARDO,ALESSANDROLa politics degli schemi regionali di reddito minimo: il Reddito di Inclusione Attiva in Veneto tra path dependency e credit claiming. Corso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021Mixed
ORIGLIA,MARCOFPGA design of a multidimensional reconciliation encoder for a continuous variable quantum key distribution systemCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022Mixed
PALLAORO,EMANUELEThermal transient modeling for PTS scenariosCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022Mixed
PANZANO,GUIDOPlural Democracies: A Comparative Inquiry on Institutions and Performances of Majoritarian and Power-Sharing Ethnically Divided DemocraciesCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020unrestricted
PELLEGRINI,EDOARDOPolitics of technical standard-setting: China vis-à-vis the European UnionCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021Mixed
QUAGLIERINI,JACOPOMechanics of tubular helical assemblies: ensemble response to axial compression and extensionCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021Mixed
REPETTO,ERICUnderstanding the bans on the foreign funding of political parties: A comparative historical analysis of six democraciesCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021unrestricted
RIZZO,TOMMASOA Time-Domain Vector-Matrix Multiplier for Analog DNNs based on Single-Poly Single-Transistor NVM CellsCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020Mixed
ROMANO,THOMASBetween Europeanisation and Politicisation: party politics in the multi-level European political system before and after the poly-crisisCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020unrestricted
ROSSI,FEDERICOProvincialising Diversity. Diversification and polarisation in Italian New Immigration DestinationsCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020unrestricted
SACCONI,TOMMASOGabinetti ministeriali e formulazione delle politiche pubbliche: due casi a confronto. Corso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021Mixed
SARTI,MANUELEstimating Stochastic Volatility Models with Noisy Data. An indirect inference application.Corso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020unrestricted
SARTORATO,IRENEIl Goal di Sviluppo Sostenibile numero 5 e la parità di genere nelle impreseCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022unrestricted
SECCHI,CARLOSensori GPS e IMU: Applicazione nel Calcolo di una Traiettoria di una MotoGP e Relative ProblematicheCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020Mixed
SEVERIN,DAVIDEVerilog-A model development and AI autonomous optimization of a DC-DC switching boost controllerCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020Mixed
SPADAVECCHIA,LORENZOJob Polarization, Overeducation and Employment Protection: An inquiry using Italian Labor Force Survey Data adopting Decomposition methods and Spatial Panel Econometrics techniquesCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020Mixed
SPARAGNA,RICCARDOOpen innovation in the renewable energy sector. An analysis of corporate best practicesCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022Mixed
TONI,FRANCESCOPseudo Rational Agent-Based-Model ExpectationsCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022unrestricted
TRANCHINA,MARGHERITA“Ecosystem services for sustainable development: origin, normative framework and mapping tools.”Corso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021unrestricted
UGHI,ANTONIODrivers and implications of firms digital technology adoption. Evidence from an Italian policy.Corso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022Mixed
VETRANO,PAMELAChloroplast stress and membrane remodeling: characterisation of a putative ESCRT-like pathway in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii chloroplastCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022Mixed
VICARI,ELENAMechanistic modeling suggests that low-intensity focused ultrasound can selectively recruit myelinated or unmyelinated nerve fibersCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2020Mixed
VULLO,CAMILLAApplication of microbial biostimulants and Selenium biofortification for the production of nutraceutical foods: the study of the effect of a functional diet on NAFLD patients microbiota Corso Ordinario Secondo Livello2022Mixed
WOLF,STELLAIHL in practice: Analyzing the impact of the Nigerian Super Camp Strategy on the abidance to IHL principlesCorso Ordinario Secondo Livello2021unrestricted