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BONACCORSI,PIETROThe Long Wave of the Internet Corsi integrativi di II livello2020Mixed
BORGIOLI,FRANCESCOProgettazione di un amplificatore operazionale fully differential senza CMFBCorsi integrativi di II livello2020Mixed
BRACH,MARTINAA Gravity Model Of Internal Migration In Italy (2005-2017)Corsi integrativi di II livello2021unrestricted
BRUNI,FRANCESCODesign di un convertitore A/D SAR asincrono a 7bit e 40MspsCorsi integrativi di II livello2020Mixed
DELLA MAGGIORA,LORENZOCRISPR/Cas9 – technology in poplar: example of an approach for the production of uniform knockout mutants for the metal transporter MTP1Corsi integrativi di II livello2020Mixed
GIANNINI,CATERINAEngineering of Ustilago maydis: a new method to identify novel significant effectors interaction targets at the biotrophic interface Corsi integrativi di II livello2020Mixed
GRAZIOLI,SIMONASynthetic genomics: time for large-scale engineering in higher eukaryotesCorsi integrativi di II livello2020Mixed
GUARASCIO,FRANCESCOLe politiche estere di Qatar ed Emirati Arabi Uniti attraverso la "Role Theory"Corsi integrativi di II livello2020unrestricted
HAEUSL,WALTERDifferent populist voters for different populist parties? A comparison of the social basis of right-wing populism and anti-austerity populism in Italy, Spain and FranceCorsi integrativi di II livello2020Mixed
IOHANNES,SESSEN DANIELA k-mers based approach to detect genetic variants underlying panicle architecture in Ethiopian teffCorsi integrativi di II livello2021Mixed
LACCHEI,ALICEJudges deciding on asylum. An ethnographic research in the Civil Court of FlorenceCorsi integrativi di II livello2020Mixed
PANZANO,GUIDOPlural Democracies: A Comparative Inquiry on Institutions and Performances of Majoritarian and Power-Sharing Ethnically Divided DemocraciesCorsi integrativi di II livello2020unrestricted
QUAGLIERINI,JACOPOMechanics of tubular helical assemblies: ensemble response to axial compression and extensionCorsi integrativi di II livello2021Mixed
RIZZO,TOMMASOA Time-Domain Vector-Matrix Multiplier for Analog DNNs based on Single-Poly Single-Transistor NVM CellsCorsi integrativi di II livello2020withheld
ROMANO,THOMASBetween Europeanisation and Politicisation: party politics in the multi-level European political system before and after the poly-crisisCorsi integrativi di II livello2020unrestricted
ROSSI,FEDERICOProvincialising Diversity. Diversification and polarisation in Italian New Immigration DestinationsCorsi integrativi di II livello2020unrestricted
SARTI,MANUELEstimating Stochastic Volatility Models with Noisy Data. An indirect inference application.Corsi integrativi di II livello2020unrestricted
SEVERIN,DAVIDEVerilog-A model development and AI autonomous optimization of a DC-DC switching boost controllerCorsi integrativi di II livello2020Mixed
SPADAVECCHIA,LORENZOJob Polarization, Overeducation and Employment Protection: An inquiry using Italian Labor Force Survey Data adopting Decomposition methods and Spatial Panel Econometrics techniquesCorsi integrativi di II livello2020Mixed
VICARI,ELENAMechanistic modeling suggests that low-intensity focused ultrasound can selectively recruit myelinated or unmyelinated nerve fibersCorsi integrativi di II livello2020Mixed