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ADEUX,GUILLAUME SIMONHighlighting the role of diversity in driving weed community dynamics and weed:crop interactionsDottorato2020unrestricted
AFROZ,ABANTI SHAMAHuman computer interface for 3D applications in industrial contextsDottorato2021Mixed
ARCURI,ALBERTOLa rincorsa del Regolamento. Uno studio empirico sul potere regolamentare nel mezzo delle trasformazioni sociali.Dottorato2021unrestricted
BAKHTINA,KRYSTYNAAge discrimination in the European Union. Comparative perspectives of France, Italy and the Netherlands.Dottorato2021unrestricted
BANFI,TOMMASOPredictive models and longitudinal sensing hardware for surgical risk mitigation in sleep deprived and fatigued conditionsDottorato2020Mixed
BARBERI,FEDERICANaturalistic control of lower limb neuroprostheses optimizing intention decoding, feedback, and comfort. Dottorato2021Mixed
BATTAGLINI,MATTEOSmart nanomaterials in the treatment of central nervous system diseasesDottorato2020Mixed
BIANCHI,FEDERICOMagnetic Localization Strategy of Robotic Endoscopic DevicesDottorato2020Mixed
CARDINI,ALESSIOInterplant communication mediated by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal hyphal networksDottorato2020Mixed
CESINI,ILARIAWearable haptic technologies for applications in rehabilitation and roboticsDottorato2020Mixed
CHELLAPURATH,MRUDULBioinspired Underwater Legged Robot for Marine ConservationDottorato2021unrestricted
CHIURAZZI,MARCELLONovel collaborative technologies and control strategies for augmented human-robot collaboration in computer-integrated medical environmentsDottorato2021Mixed
CINI,FRANCESCAHuman-inspired strategies to allow a fluent robot-to-human handover Dottorato2020Mixed
COLANERO,SARAMolecular mechanisms behind the anthocyanin production in tomato plantsDottorato2020unrestricted
CORAZZA,ILARIAContinuous and systematic benchmarking as a practice to improve healthcare performance: commentaries on the development and implementation of approaches in diverse scenariosDottorato2020Mixed
CORONESE,MATTEOEssays on the Economics of Environmental BoundariesDottorato2020Mixed
CRACCHIOLO,MARINANeural decoding algorithms for bioelectronic medicine and neuroprostheticsDottorato2020Mixed
CZIMMERMANN,TAMASArtificial Intelligence Strategies for Visual-Tactile Perception with Robots in Industry 4.0 and BionicsDottorato2020Mixed
D'ONOFRIO,GRAZIAHuman-Robot Interaction: a Care Robot for Older People with Dementia and Emotion Recognizing by a robotic solution initiative (EMOTIVE) ProjectDottorato2020Mixed
DE CRISTOFARO,FABIANAExercises in comparative economic policy: three papersDottorato2021Mixed
ENCINAS DUARTE,GABRIEL ALEJANDROPluralist Arguments and Institutional JustificationDottorato2021Mixed
ENGELS,LEONARD FREDERIKFunctional Sensory Feedback for Upper Limb ProsthesesDottorato2020Mixed
FERRARI,FRANCESCAThe effects on proprioception of the vibration induced illusion of movementsDottorato2020Mixed
FILOGNA,SILVIAActuation system inspired by a marine organismDottorato2021Mixed
FIORELLO,ISABELLAMultifunctional miniature machines inspired by climbing plantsDottorato2021Mixed
FONTANA,FABRIZIAplant adaptation to hypoxia and sugar starvationDottorato2021Mixed
GIKAY,ASRESS ADIMIAutomated Consumer Credit Scoring in the European Union and the United States—Perspectives from Consumer Credit Law Dottorato2020Mixed
GORGODZE,NIKOLOZPro-regenerative microRNAs delivered in the sub-acute phase of experimental myocardial infarctionDottorato2020unrestricted
GRAZI,LORENZOWearable robotics for the industry: control and assessment of exoskeletons with the human in the loopDottorato2020Mixed
GUAITOLINI,MICHELANGELOBody inertial sensor networks and multiple sensor fusion techniques for human motion studiesDottorato2021unrestricted
HUAN,YUFlexible surgical instruments for safe & effective minimally invasive surgeryDottorato2020Mixed
IACOPONI,SAVERIOBio-inspired Locomotion and Anchoring for Extreme EnvironmentsDottorato2021Mixed
IBRAHIM,IMADTransboundary Aquifers between International Water Law and Human Right to Water and SanitationDottorato2020unrestricted
IODICE,IRENEFirms in International MarketsDottorato2020Mixed
KALIDINDI,HARI TEJAGoal-driven neural network models of biological motor control - a neurorobotic studyDottorato2020Mixed
KHAN,OWAIS UR REHMANDynamic Capabilities and Behavioral Practices of Organizations for Circular Economy ImplementationDottorato2020unrestricted
LAKEW,BASAZEN FANTAHUNGenotypic and phenotypic diversity in Ethiopian barley (Hordeum vulgare ssp hordeum) farmer varieties based on morphologic and molecular markersDottorato2021unrestricted
LANOTTE,FRANCESCOAdaptive Dynamics Movement Primitives, a control framework for wearable roboticsDottorato2021Mixed
LUNNI,DARIOSmart Materials and Manufacturing Technologies for Soft SystemsDottorato2020unrestricted
MARCHI,VIVIANAInfant spontaneous activity as a window into early brain development: towards new kinematic and electrophysiological biomarkersDottorato2020Mixed
MARCONI,DARIODesign, Development and Validation of New Control Strategies for Robot-Assisted Hand RehabilitationDottorato2020Mixed
MARTINELLI,MARCOThe role of iodine in plant physiology Dottorato2020Mixed
MARTINI,ELENADevelopment and verification of technologies for novel gait training paradigmsDottorato2020Mixed
MARTINO,LUIGIImproving Critical Infrastructures Protection from Cyber Attacks in Italy: The Public-Private Partnership Model Dottorato2020Mixed
MARTURANO,GIOVANNICharacterization of Long Terminal Repeat Retroelements and identification of exaptation events involving Transposable Elements in conifer genomes: a comparative approachDottorato2020Mixed
MIRIZZI,GIANLUCACentral Chemoreceptor Modulation in Systolic Heart Failure Dottorato2020Mixed
MODESTI,MARGHERITAEffect of pre- and post-harvest treatments with ozone on grapes berry physiology and wine quality parametersDottorato2021Mixed
MONTERO ARAGON,JORDAN JOSUEThe myokinetic stimulation interface: development of a system for the generation of selective 90 Hz vibrations using remotely controlled magnetsDottorato2020Mixed
ORTEGA ALCAIDE,JOANMagnetically-driven robotic capsule navigation for colonoscopic proceduresDottorato2021Mixed
PALLANTE,GIANLUCAThree essays on macroeconomic policyDottorato2021Mixed
PANVINI,FRANCESCA MARGHERITAEx vivo study of the human haematopoietic stem cell niche and generation of humanized ossicles in miceDottorato2020Mixed
PAPAPICCO,VITOInnovative control solutions for wearable robotics using machine learningDottorato2021Mixed
PASQUINI,MARIAMultimodal systems for upper limb neurorehabilitation in animal modelsDottorato2021Mixed
PATERNO,LINDAPhysical Human Machine Interfaces for Lower Limb ProsthesesDottorato2020Mixed
PEREIRA,DEBORAA human/worker-centered framework and bio-inspired control strategies for foodservice robotsDottorato2021Mixed
PEZZINI,ILARIACerium oxide nanoparticles: a powerful nanotechnological tool in modulating reactive oxygen species detrimental effects.Dottorato2020Mixed
PIZZINO,FAUSTOPlasma exosomes and circulating exosomal miR-21 and miR-133a are associated with reverse remodeling in patients with severe primary mitral regurgitation undergoing to surgical repairDottorato2020Mixed
PRASANNA,SAHANANeuromorphic tactile and haptic augmented perception for humans and machineDottorato2020Mixed
RODRIGUEZ MARTINEZ,ITZEL JAREDInvestigation of the grasp force from surface EMG during grasping and manipulationDottorato2020Mixed
SANZ MORERE,CLARA BEATRIZDevelopment and validation of control strategies for lower-limb exoskeletons to assist individuals with gait impairmentsDottorato2021Mixed
SORRIENTO,ANGELAInnovative technologies for quantitative diagnosis in orthopaedicsDottorato2021Mixed
SOZER,CANBERKHybrid Soft-Rigid: An effective approach for enhancing the capabilities of soft robotsDottorato2021unrestricted
STRAUSS,IVOIntraneural sensory feedback: from the assessment of current clinical usability to the development of novel neural interfacesDottorato2020Mixed
TAGLIANI,ANDREASecond messengers involved in hypoxia signal transduction in ArabidopsisDottorato2020Mixed
TRICO,DOMENICOImpact of plasma lipids on glucose homeostasisDottorato2020Mixed
VISSANI,MATTEOUpdating deep brain stimulation: novel quantitative methods to determine sweet spots and patients state through electrophysiological activityDottorato2021unrestricted